5.1.3 A Very British Day Out

I have produced the first draft of a colour photobook: A Very British Day Out on Orford Quay and Ness uploaded to Adobe cloud. But need permission from National Trust to publish commercially. I am now applying for this and will then develop the material with them and other audience input exploring narrative options as on-line gallery, photobook and slideshow.

See: Orford in Colour – unfortunately the pdf is converted to single page view by Worpdress. To see spread layout – for juxtapositions and meaning – download pdf and open in Acrobat with view set to 2 page.

I also started to work on a black and white series with a rather more bleak and ominous feel that could potentially be a photo slideshow, together with sound effects of low flying aircraft, clanking metal, drip echoes and voices that I recorded on site.