5.2.1 Lake District: Beauty and Sublime

‘Beauty and Sublime’ revisited

This series of landscape photographs started by revisiting earlier photographs I had taken of Troutbeck on a short camping holiday in October 2014 for OCA Landscape Photography Assignment 1 Beauty and the Sublime.

The holiday had been intended as an exploration of the Lake District – revisiting places like Ullswater and staying at a campsite at Keswick on Derwentwater.

Most images of the Lake District on stock agencies like Shutterstock are over-saturated sunny photographs of traditional ‘Green and Pleasant Land’ images of the Lake District. I thought my photographs with more drama and some ‘rainy volcanic doom and gloom’ would offer more variety. The original photographs were 8 megapixel RAW format and so very suitable for re-editing with my greater understanding of Lightroom, Viveza and Silver FX to see how far using these software could add extra ‘natural’ lift through selectively increasing saturation and contrast for natural lighting enhancement, as well as removing some of the blemishes like left over rain drops on the lens. The images originally submitted and accepted by Shutterstock can be seen in my Shutterstock Lake District catalogue.

Series 1: Documentary: picturesque

My first set of images aimed to explore potential of colour photography using a combination of Lightroom and Viveza to create some images that better captured my experience of the very varied weather – frost, rain and cloud – and the rapid changes between – rainbows and sunshine on brilliant green grass.

Sublime: gloom abstracted

Drama heightened

My final work on this series was to start to experiment with what could be achieved through heightening impact using NikFX, further experimenting with Viveza and also SilverFX filters.

Further plans

As part of Assignment 5.1 this series will be added to with new photographs from different parts of the Lake District during a planned holiday in September 2019. These will include images with a more sociological approach to landscape, and textual information from my own diaries and also local knowledge of people I know and meet.

Time permitting I would like to use Lake District photos as the basis for a further set of prints – probably collagraph and/or woodcut.

Based on tutor and other feedback on these image