5.2.2: Aldeburgh Great Escape

This series was taken with my iPad Pro as back up reference to pencil and ink sketches in my sketchbook. Nevertheless, some of the photos were large enough file size and of sufficiently good quality to edit in Lightroom for Shutterstock.

I started by selecting single image narratives that could stand in their own right as photos to submit to Shutterstock. I then ordered them to make a narrative sequence, trying to do simple captions (not the long descriptive ones required by Shutterstock).

Where's the dog gone?
Very neat!
What do I do with this lot?
Seccond childhood
Punching Judy for the EU
Having faith
Reaching high
The Kite
Time to go back

I then experimented with Lightroom slideshow module. Looking at different narrative considerations in different formats in terms of length and sequencing. This is still too long. There is not enough control in Lightroom itself. But useful for very quick slideshows instead of inbuilt Jetpack carousel. It is possible to add the captions, but very limited layout and looked really cheesy. No control over audio. The issue is sequencing, particularly vusally. But limited memory on content. Should the viewer control or not?

And with the Lightroom book module. Here there is much more time. Issue is juxtaposition.

Great Escape Photobook