Assignment 3: Aldeburgh Ramblings

This third assignment returns to some of the questions about approaches to narrative from Assignment 2 and brings together material from the previous projects with new images and narrative from 2019. The main linking thread will be ‘ramblings’ or walking diaries of my thoughts with selected images, drawing on discussions in documentary and psychogeography, issues of ‘Englishness’ and identity in the context of Brexit and continual concerns about climate change that affect East Anglia coast in many ways.

Evolution of the Concept

In order to counter some of the often rather darker treatment of earlier projects, I went back to some of my original holiday images of Aldeburgh, particularly a series of very spontaneous ‘flaneur’ images I had taken early on a beautiful summer morning with my first iPhone in 2014. Enjoying the freedom of filming with a small device.

See: 5.2.2: Slideshow 2: Aldeburgh Morning Light

Although the images themselves proved not to be very good resolution, the series captured the beauty and light and my feeling of happiness. As I was taking photographs very frequently, experimenting with composition and format, the series is also interesting as a record of my visual decisions. I plan to try and get a better quality, but similarly spontaneous series of photographs for an on-line slideshow animation with music/sound for Assignment 5.2.