Assignment 4.1 Communicating Kyrgyzstan: photographic creativity

Continues exploration of photographic styles, meaning and communication from Assignment 2.2, further developing my creative process workflow as it related to photographic media.

Monochrome and photographic experiments with Lightroom, AnalogFX and Photoshop, with using creative prompts.

Also draws on styles from printmaking like screenprint, cyanotype and solar plate.

And asks for feedback from different audiences.

See particularly:

Some issues to be considered
  • Photographer and subject: the photographer as voyeur ‘shooting’ images of
    issues and themes that are not necessarily the same as the subjects of the photo.
  • Is the image showing how things are, or how the photographer want things to be? or how the audience wants to see them? Selective editing and erasure (eg cars and rubbish bins)
  • Different focus and viewpoint – is the photographer directing the image or leaving interpretation open?
  • Present, past and future – places change over time – even over a few seconds – short term, long term, historical perspective and layers – the past is always present but maybe the message is for the future.
  • Exploration and deepening understanding of tensions and contradiction of reality over time
Creative Prompts: Project 1.3 Creatively exploring my practice

1 define it
2 make it bold
3 let’s look at the real thing
4 introduce time motion and sound
5 what is the key moment?
6 create a variation
7 connect play, fantasies and daydreams
8 combine seemingly arbitrary content
9 erase the distinctions between the original and the copy
10 consider again your motivation
11 make it obvious
12 make it ambiguous
13 remind yourself
14 bounce around at speed
15 ‘we’ve got a problem, Houston’

Creativity 1: Fire in the Sky
  • Fire in the Sky 1 original
  • 1.3 Fire in the Sky Let’s look at the real thing
  • 1.4 Fire in the Sky Motion and Sound
  • 1.10 Fire in the Sky Consider Again Your Motivation
  • Fire in the Sky 2 define it
  • 1.14 Fire in the Sky: Bounce Around At Speed
  • Fire in the Sky 2 lighten
  • 1.9 Fire in the Sky Erase Distinctions
  • 1.13 Fire in the Sky Remind Yourself
  • 1.6 Fire in the Sky 6 Variation
  • 1.12 Fire in the Sky 12: Make it ambiguous
  • 1.8 Fire in the Sky Combine Arbitrary Content
  • 1.7 Fire in the Sky Fantasies and Daydreams
  • 1.5 Fire in the Sky Key Moment
  • 1.1 Fire in the Sky Define It
  • Fire in the Sky 7 cyanotype
Creativity 2: After the Event

‘After the Event’ – more photos from Baizakh Village in Naryn Province May 2016 exploring creative effects in DxO analogueFX and/or SilverFX. These picture of bottles in what was a beautiful landscape – particularly mountains that are outside the frame, follow early monochrome traditions of ‘late photography’ of bombs and war by Richard Fenton.

  • Bottles 1 original colour
  • Bottles 2 Landscape in Colour
  • After the Event 1
  • After the Event 2
  • After the Event 3
  • After the Event 4
  • After the Event 5
  • After the Event 6
  • After the Event 7
  • After the Event 8
  • Bottles 3 After the Event 9
Creativity 3: Washbasin with Rag
  • Wash Basin with Rag 2
  • Wash Basin with Rag 3 Silver FX Film Noir 2. More dramatic focusing on light - and raising questions about what might be round the corner on the right.
  • Wash Basin with Rag Ligbhtroom crop
  • Wash Basin with Rag 4.
  • Wash Basin with Rag 5.
  • Wash Basin with Rag 6.
  • Wash Basin with Rag 7.

Feedback so far

Feedback from colleagues and their friends in Bishkek, OCA student forums and Cambridge Camera Club.

So far this is quite encouraging on the more creative art, as well as black and white styles, particularly from Kyrgyzstan and Cambridge Camera Club.