Assignment 5.4 Presenting My Practice

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This module has explored and developed my creative process – the choices I make in terms of what I want to communicate and how I establish that and how image design and technical aspects of the particular medium can enhance that communication. I have focused on a range of media:

  • Printmaking: photoscreen and cyanotype
  • Photography and Photobooks
  • Drawing and illustration in natural and digital media including Adobe Illustrator, iPad softwarepencil, ink, gouache and scraperboard.
  • Animation, Moving Image and interactivity.

I have also tried to reconnect with some of the more beautiful, funny and light-hearted aspects of life, as well as dealing implicitly or explicitly with some of the serious social and environmental issues we face in England as well as in countries like Kyrgyzstan.

I summarise my conclusions about the best forms of presentation/ changes I still need to make and implications for my Creative Process and outline further possibilities to reach a wider range of audience and also markets whilst still maintaining my social and political voice.