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My work for this course built on work I had done in Illustration 1 and Book Design 1, building on technical skills I had developed in drawing and painting and exploring different media, papers etc. I have enjoyed a wide range of topics in this course, particularly:
Experimenting with different physical and digital workflow possibilities throughout the course, in particular Hybrids and Assignment 2 A Sense of Place, Assignment 3 The Nose, Assignment 4 From the Edge and Assignment 5 Oromia: Journey Reflected and Project 4.2 Deliverance and Journey. My Critical Review: iPad Explorations discusses different potential workflows involving the iPad.
Use of collage both as a way of brainstorming and developing images, and as a medium in itself. See particularly Assignment 5 Oromia: Journey Reflected
Exploration of interactive possibilities: websites as in Assignment 4 From the Edge and interactive pdfs as in Assignment 5 Oromia: Journey Reflected
In general I feel that in this work I have made a lot of progress towards having greater control over media, and able to work towards images that have impact and meaning.
In selecting my images for assessment I have tried to present the range of my different work and technical media experiments. My ‘style’ is emerging from this I think, an approach that generally uses life or textures/found images that are then combined and layered digitally. Trying to make the final media choice, lines and shape convey the meaning – or a range of meanings – I have chosen. In this I still have to work harder – I tend to get bogged down in research and lots of competing ideas, so the final message can often be a bit confused (rather than tantalisingly ambiguous).
There are quite a number of issues that I need/want to work on going forward:
Development of a clearer narrative so that images can be sequenced. Currently in the books Journey and Deliverance, and also some of the pages in Assignment 4 do not have a clear storyline. I need to explore much more possibilities for combining images with text – where images speak themselves and text then complements without losing some of the ambiguity that encourages the viewer to think for themselves.
Typography and use of different text styles that reflect the meaning of images.
Animation and interactive media – I experimented quite a bit with After Effects, Flash, Photoshop and Premiere. But have so far not been able to produce something that really reflects my vision. This is an area of work – together with interactive websites using javascript – that I would like to work more on at level 3.

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