E4.2 Talking about my practice


Self-promotion is supported by physical marketing material and portfolios but is really a prompt for you to discuss who you are and what you can offer. To do this successfully, you need a clear and simple narrative about who you are as a creative visual communicator and a good sense of what you might want out of any contact with potential clients or other contexts you’re interested in.

Think about how your can distil further your personal statement to produce key information that you can use to communicate key information about yourself and the kinds of work you make.

Identify around 5 aspects of what you do, and keep it simple.

In March 2021 when this assignment is sent to my tutor my ideas about my practice are still evolving. And because of COVID, I had not been able to do as much work in physical media as I intended. This will be as far as possible remedied over the summer when I again have access to my art studio.

Below is an initial diagram that maps out my thinking so far. But I expect this to evolve further over the summer, also as I do Assignment 1 of SYP. When I have a wider range of non-photographic images and sketchbooks, I plan to develop this into a hyperlinked infographic combining physical and digital media and/or slide presentation for assessment.