4.4: Journey to the Mountains of Heaven

Much more minimalist Abstract and austere black and white images without text. Inspired by Japanese aesthetic. Moriyama. Yamamoto. Starts with the words of the Kyrgyz National Anthem. Something about the silk road, COVID and political fragility. Abstract monoprint. Review of Original Blurb Text National Anthem. what font??? Image experimentation Black and white abstract monoprint. Charcoal? […]

4.3 Light in the Shadows of T’ien Shan

Inspiration Influence Lithuanian photography, Atget/Brassai Paris and Photobook from Kettles Yard. !! Insert pages from Photobook logbook Image Explorations texture abstractions. Linocut, charcoal, graphite. SolarPlate, Drypoint. Finding Texts Poetry? Books? Segoe font. Has slight Chinese/Oriental look Light in the Shadows of T’ien Shan 2:Square format black and white This version is inspired by the Kettles […]

4.2 Cuckoos at Dawn: outsider in a Kyrgyz village

Book concept The original Photobook brought together a selection of photos based on what I thought were immediately attractive or provocative images from my outsider perspective – beauty of the mountains and light at dawn and sunset, distinctive textures and colours of gates, dramatic weather, some people, animals and plastic pollution. The photographs were all […]

4.1 Communicating Kyrgyzstan: photographic creativity

Continues exploration of photographic styles, meaning and communication from Assignment 2.2, further developing my creative process workflow as it related to photographic media. Monochrome and photographic experiments with Lightroom, AnalogFX and Photoshop, with using creative prompts. Also draws on styles from printmaking like screenprint, cyanotype and solar plate. And asks for feedback from different audiences. […]