5.1.1 Wish You Were Here 1: Aldeburgh Revisited

The first set of photographs I chose were from Aldeburgh. Aldeburgh is only 1-2 hours by car from Cambridge and a favourite place for short holidays and day trips in winter. In many ways it sums up quintessential ‘Englishness’ with a mix of the ‘genteel’ with more raucous beer drinking and day-tripping from nearby towns […]

4.4: Journey to the Mountains of Heaven

Much more minimalist Abstract and austere black and white images without text. Inspired by Japanese aesthetic. Moriyama. Yamamoto. Starts with the words of the Kyrgyz National Anthem. Something about the silk road, COVID and political fragility. Abstract monoprint. Review of Original Blurb Text National Anthem. what font??? Image experimentation Black and white abstract monoprint. Charcoal? […]