5.2.2: Aldeburgh Lockdown Escape 2020, Suffolk

Assignment 5.2.2 Aldeburgh Great Escape 2020 is a body of work based on a two week holiday during the COVID-19 pandemic in December 2020. At the time when the very first vaccinations were being started, people were relaxing their behaviour in anticipation of a removal of restrictions over Christmas. And before the horrendous second wave […]

Assignment 2.2 Amend: Aldeburgh Great Escapes

Aldeburgh is a busy but very small sea-side town on the Suffolk coast. In many ways it epitomises quintessential ‘Englishness’ with a mix of the ‘genteel’ and ‘cultured’ with more raucous upper class beer drinking, fish and chips by London escapees as well as day-tripping from nearby Suffolk villages, towns and cities like Ipswich and […]

Assignment 2.1 Edit: Bridge Printscapes

Assignment 2.1 Bridge Printscapes This assignment asks me to revisit and redo an earlier project that I would like to extend in some way – because it no longer reflects my personal voice and/or technical skills. This project uses images of the A14 Road Bridge across the River Cam where I walk every day to […]

River Reflections: Painting, prints and Photobook

The River Cam where I walk nearly every day has been a constant theme in my work. My approach has so far been a rather conventional landscape art approach, conveying some of the beauty of the river in response to project briefs focusing on expressive drawing, painting and printmaking. Drawing and painting For an OCA […]