5.2.3 Documenting St Ives

Wheal Dreams is is a photo documentary work of ‘Life on the Edge’ for the fishing community in St Ives. It is based on photographs and observations from 2019 to 2022 from walks down from Wheal Dreams where many of the fishermen used to live then along Smeaton Pier where the fishing catch is landed […]

E4.3 Self promotion

TASK: Identify ways in which designers, illustrators and other visual communicators present and market their work online and in the world. Visit companies or galleries to pick up physical marketing material, or look at websites and blogs that aim to do the same thing. What works for other visual artists? How they present their practices […]

E4.2 Talking about my practice

In March 2021 when this assignment is sent to my tutor my ideas about my practice are still evolving. And because of COVID, I had not been able to do as much work in physical media as I intended. This will be as far as possible remedied over the summer when I again have access […]

E4.1 Re-assessing my practice

TASK: Re-assessing my practice This exercise asks me to review what I’ve achieved so far on the course, and the tutor feedback and student and/or audience critique I have received, and re-assess my initial personal statement from Assignment One in terms of where I am now. Note: I will add more non-photographic work over the […]

Assignment 5.4 Presenting My Practice

!!! Please see the exercises on the right for details. Summaries for this page still to be done so it does not get too repetitive. This module has explored and developed my creative process – the choices I make in terms of what I want to communicate and how I establish that and how image […]

Assignment 5.3 Portfolios Zemni 2021

In addition to finalising the current blog, I have added relevant material from this module and other audience-relevant information on a number of on-line websites and networking sites. Specific links were given on the portfolio above. zemniimages.com my professional SMUGMUG website which will be redesigned to link the different aspects of my graphic art, photography […]

Assignment 5.3: Shutterscapes

Assignment 2b Amend: Shutterscapes Assignment 2.2 uses existing and new landscape photograph series from East Anglia, Cornwall and Northern England. The Assignment 2 project brief explicitly required me to focus on skills development rather than content and meaning. My aim was to start to significantly improve my digital photography editing skills and develop a number […]

5.2.2: Aldeburgh Lockdown Escape 2020, Suffolk

Assignment 5.2.2 Aldeburgh Great Escape 2020 is a body of work based on a two week holiday during the COVID-19 pandemic in December 2020. At the time when the very first vaccinations were being started, people were relaxing their behaviour in anticipation of a removal of restrictions over Christmas. And before the horrendous second wave […]

5.2.1: Bridge Edgelands, Cambridge

The River Cam is part of a longer term body of environmental and social documentary work in different media about ‘Cam Edgelands’ that is central to my practice going forward. The river is just down the road from my house and an area where in normal times I walk nearly everyday for exercise. I have […]

Assignment 5.2 Documentary Narrative

Much of my work is concerned with ‘alternative documentary of place’ and communicating ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ dimensions of: Whose place? different perspectives and interests. Looking particularly at what might be meant by ‘the female gaze’ and ‘multiculturalism’ When place? places change over time – even over a few seconds short term, long term, historical perspective […]