Cambridge: Bramblefield Chronicles

Bramblefields is a small nature reserve just down the road from my house between the allotments and a housing estate that was built in the late 1990s. I helped lobby for it to be set up, contacting local Green and wildlife organisations, to reserve some green space for wildlife linked to other wildlife corridors along […]

Cambridge: Spirit of Place

Illustration 2 Assignment 2: TASK Your local tourist board has commissioned you to produce a series of reportage illustrations that celebrates aspects of local culture. Base your illustrations on real local events, locations and people. Capture a sense of place through drawing from life. Produce between three and five pieces of work, at least one […]

Everyday is a Life Experiment

Even from my comfortable armchair my personal and psychological life seems constantly ‘on the edge’. There are always so many things to keep me sitting to avoid doing. Reflecting on guilt, inertia and life moments not grasped. With access through a large TV screen to the world, if I am not already personally stressed, I […]

Garden of Mindfulness: Sketchbook

The Garden I have always been interested in wildlife and organic gardening. Until 2018 we had three allotments. But due to travel and illness we were unable to keep it up to the draconian regime imposed by a new allotment committee. The allotment changed from a quiet organic haven shared with bees, butterflies and lizards […]