River Reflections: Drawings paintings and sketchbook

The River Cam where I walk nearly every day has been a constant theme in my work. Sketchbooks Oils and Acrylics Watercolour and inks Some of the collages and photographs of the Railway Bridge were used in a book cover design for Illustration 1 ‘Faces in the Water’ – evoking fears of mental illness and […]

A Week in Teetotal Street, St Ives, Cornwall

This third assignment ‘TeeTotal Street’ produces a small graphic and text book based on a diary and photographs of a holiday flat where we stayed in St Ives in November 2019, just before the Brexit general election. It is a very personal response to my feelings of claustrophobia and helplessness at the time and doubts […]

The Island

Pendinas ‘the Island’ is a part of St Ives I really love. It is magical – a ‘sceptred isle set in a silver sea’ when seen at dawn from the Ayre campsite and a towering gloomy place when walking around it wishing ‘no wo/man is an island’ on a cloudy windy day. Its many faces […]

E4.3 Self promotion

TASK: Identify ways in which designers, illustrators and other visual communicators present and market their work online and in the world. Visit companies or galleries to pick up physical marketing material, or look at websites and blogs that aim to do the same thing. What works for other visual artists? How they present their practices […]

E4.2 Talking about my practice

TASK Self-promotion is supported by physical marketing material and portfolios but is really a prompt for you to discuss who you are and what you can offer. To do this successfully, you need a clear and simple narrative about who you are as a creative visual communicator and a good sense of what you might […]

E4.1 Re-assessing my practice

TASK: Re-assessing my practice This exercise asks me to review what I’ve achieved so far on the course, and the tutor feedback and student and/or audience critique I have received, and re-assess my initial personal statement from Assignment One in terms of where I am now. Note: I will add more non-photographic work over the […]

Assignment 5.3 Portfolios

In addition to finalising the current blog, I have added relevant material from this module and other audience-relevant information on a number of on-line websites and networking sites. Specific links were given on the portfolio above. zemniimages.com my professional SMUGMUG website which will be redesigned to link the different aspects of my graphic art, photography […]