Street corner in Addis

TASK This project aimed to short-circuit my existing creative process by suggesting a range of new non-linear prompts to respond to and learn from, each taking 5-10 minutes of creative activity. Aiming to fail and learn through the process rather than trying to create something I knew I could achieve. Useful quotes from Course Text […]

Skills and Media

I work in a range of media. The basis is generally photography or sketching and painting in natural media or on my iPad. These images may then be combined and further developed in different printmaking media, digital software, collage or animation. Some of my work is more experimental and abstract, exploring the range of intentional […]

E1.1 Developing my Personal Statement

Personal Statement January 2019 Image-making is a necessary part of my own process of making sense of life in our sometimes beautiful, but often insane world. In my ‘parallel life’ as global consultant in participatory development in Africa, Asia and Latin America I meet many wonderful, inspiring people. I see stunningly beautiful scenery – human rural and […]

Part 1: Understanding My Practice

Assignment 1 looks in more detail at my practice and personal voice underpinning my work in this module. ‘Practice’ refers to the range of different aspects of : how I make work how it is framed by wider ideas and practices how I learn the direction in which I want to develop my personal creative […]