Inspect all images at 100% resolution

1) For Commercial Stock: trademark issues (send as editorial)

  • no brand names
  • no IPP
  • keywords should not contain trademarks
  • no isolated pictures of single buildings and avoid landmark modern buildings

2) Noise

  • filmgrain
  • compression artefacts
  • posterisation
  • check skies and shadows

3) Composition/Concept

  • what is concept? what could it be used for?
  • arrangement not optimal. leading lines, rule of thirds. use in-camera grid
  • distracting elements
  • horizon line crooked
  • negative space so customers can insert text
  • shoot from different angles

4) Focus

  • Focus a bit too soft. try single and continuous focus
  • Camera shake: stabilise yourself against a tree, elbows in and don’t breathe
  • avoid zoom lens or move closer

5) Exposure

  • under or over-exposed – use histogram and correct
  • not good lighting
  • avoid midday, ‘golden hours’ 1 hour before or after sun

If rejected

  • look at on-line resources
  • use critique section on forums
  • sometimes they do make an error
  • make correction and re-submit