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Social Networking

The development of the internet, in particular the social media of web2 technologies, has provided illustrators with new ways of presenting work, finding clients and reaching a wider audience. They also provide ways to get together as illustrators to share ideas, work, and to support their own development.

Research point
Find online social networks that connect with your work or present content that you’re interested in. Find a range that covers commercial opportunities, professional networking, archived work, learning opportunities, or discussions around illustration. You might want to join in on some of these forums.
What did you find and how does this inform your understanding of illustration?
Share what you have found on OCA’s forums.

Saatchi Online

A social network that encourages artists to subscribe and post their work
online.  The whole site is mediated by the Saatchi Gallery, so there are judging criteria.

Image-based blogging networks

Less structured social networks where people seek out others with similar interests and follow, re-blog or simply like their posts. With all of these networks, there’s room to contribute and discuss, but it’s unmediated, so the quality may vary from site to site, person to person.





links from iPad software like SketchClub, Artrage, Auryn Ink, Sketchbook, Procreate etc

Professional networks

LinkedIn is a hub for a whole series of career and work networks (including illustration and other disciplines)

Vimeo focuses on creative moving – image and animation a network for academics??

Discogs a network for record collectors??

On-line market places

marketplaces for craft items, hand-made prints and other forms of contemporary illustrationmaking.


Cut and Paste

Folksy that create online


Red Bubble? (mentioned by Stayf Draws)

On-line magazines

The Design Observer present content authored by design writers and
professional illustrators, but encourage comment and debate.

Other websites

Fecal Face representing the work of a network of young American artists and illustrators