Stock Photography overview

Overview of different types of stock photography. Commercial vs Editorial images

Stock Photography outlets

  • Shutterstock: a good place to start because they give good support materials and useful technical feedback. On You Tube many contributors make most of their income from Shutterstock because of volume of sales
  • iStock Photo (part of Getty Images): photos, illustrations, video. Take 45% commission.
  • Pond5
  • Alamy
  • Dreamstime
  • Adobe Stock (took over Fotofolia)
  • Smugmug Pro can make good money. Make own website and pricing.
  • Foap: amateur phone Ap where you can sell direct from your phone
  • Clashot: sell photos through an Ap you set your own price 50-80$
  • Snapwire
  • EyeEm

Preparing for upload

Meta-data keywords

Copyright issues

What sells best

Addressing reasons for rejection

Very useful tips on resizing and resubmitting photographs.