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Colour Photography: styles and creativity

Early colour photography processes produce a feeling of nostalgia for a by-gone leisurely time. As in monochrome photography this ‘elite impressionist aesthetic’ can be enhanced through for example use of chiaroscuro and light, smearing vaseline on the lens, adding brushstrokes or scratches to the film in development process. In colour photography particularly the aesthetic is […]

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Richard Littler: Scarfolk

Scarfolk is a fictional northern English town created by writer and designer Richard Littler, who is sometimes identified as the town mayor. First published as a blog of fake historical documents, parodying British public information posters of the 1970s, a collected book was published in 2014. Littler has said “I was always scared as a kid, […]

2.2 Shutterscapes 2: Landscapes of Place posts Photography Technique

Photoshop: jpg artifact and noise reduction

2.1: Bridge 2: Landscapes of Place posts 5: Presentation: Zemni 2021 posts Photography Technique

Photoshop artistic effects

Photoshop Art Photographic creativity: colour, sharpness/focus, abstraction – NikFX and/or Lightroom and/or Camera RawArt brushes and filters – Photoshop/Corel Painter/ iPadMasking and compositing – Photoshop Coloured pencil/pastel effects Oil/Smudge Painting Watercolour consist of: Photo as smart object Refinement of photo using art filters eg find edge, blur, posterise, and/or colour/tone adjustments Overlay blend watercolour paper […]

2.1: Bridge 2.2 Shutterscapes 2: Landscapes of Place posts In Process

Technique: Digital software workflow

!! To be updated with techniques from Photoshop – where and for what would I use Photoshop? A key focus of my work in this module, particularly Part 2: Landscapes of Place has been to significantly deepen and widen my technical expertise in Lightroom and Nik FX, to add to my further exploration of Photoshop […]