5.2.2 Aldeburgh Great Escape 5: Presentation: Zemni 2021 posts In Process

Maggi Hambling

Maggi Hambling website Edge paintings The Wave Fitzwilliam Museum exhibition 2010 Walls of Water: The Monotypes, Marlborough Gallery 2014-2015 Google images Hambling, M. 2009. You Are the Sea, Great Britain, Lux Books. Hambling, M. 2010. The Aldeburgh Scallop, Suffolk, Full Circle Editions. Hambling, M. 2010. The Sea, Salford Quays, Lowry Press. Maggi Hambling is a British […]

3: Text and Image: Woman Lost posts In Process

Jan van Toorn

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Rebecca Solnit

Solnit was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, to a Jewish father and Irish Catholic mother,[3] and in 1966 her family moved to Novato, California, where she grew up. “I was a battered little kid,” she said of her childhood.[4] She skipped high school altogether, enrolling in an alternative junior high in the public school system that took her through tenth grade, when she […]