In Process Photography Technique

Topaz Lab Plug-ins

Topaz Lab Plug-ins work with Photoshop, Lightroom and as Stand-Alone Aps.

Topaz AI Plug-ins

The Artificial Intelligence plug-ins are professional plug-ins using sophisticated AI algorithms for sharpening (focus, stabilisation and smart sharpening), noise reduction, image enlargement and jpg/RAW conversion to produce better results in much faster and RSI-friendly way than other software currently available. They are invaluable in their ability to improve images where the technical quality is not optimal because they were taken on older equipment and/or in less than ideal conditions.

Topaz Studio

Topaz Studio is the one-stop-shop option that accesses not only the AI plug-ins, but also different customisable filters and looks. They work on a layer and mask model like Photoshop. On preliminary exploration I do not find them as interesting or easy to use as the Dx0FX control point system. For computer art I would use Corel Painter.

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