Zemni Illustration

Every mark and every splodge has a story to tell. Imagine…

Illustration is my way of discovering new things about the world, finding new ways of seeing and thinking. About finding connections and contradictions, light and dark and transitions between. About exploring different emotions and my responses to the world around me.

Zemni artist’s statement

About Zemni

Part 1: The practice of illustration


1.1 Draw, draw and draw again

1.2 Hybrids: mixing and matching tools

1.3 Less is more: using colour

1.4 Visual space: Rooms

Assignment 1: Invisible Cities

Part 2: Reportage

 2.1 Reportage Illustration

2.2 Fashion Illustration

2.3 Architectural Illustration

2.4 Natural Sciences

2.5 Travel Illustration

Assignment 2: A Sense of Place

Part 3: Narrative illustration 


3.1 Proverbs: Frog in a Well 

3.2 Once Upon a Time: The Bamboocutter

3.3 Girl Meets Boy

3.4a Animated Giff: The Shadow

3.4b Animal Farm

Assignment 3: Graphic Short Story: The Nose

Part 4: Contemporary illustration (forthcoming)

Part 5: Working to a Brief (forthcoming)

Part 6: Critical review (proposal)

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Full resolution versions of my portfolio images and photography can be found on my professional site Zemniimages.com

Portfolios from earlier OCA courses on illustration, drawing, painting and watercolour can be found in

Zemni Portfolios 2009-2014