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Catherine Anyango

  website http://catherine-anyango.comCatherine Anyango uses film, sculpture and mise-en-scene devices to reconstruct physical environments that are disrupted by psychological, intangible phenomena. Many of her images are powerful graphite black and white drawings, often dealing with political issues.Heart of Darkness 2010, a graphic novel adaptation of Conrad’s novel about colonialismShe has produced live film events around London, including […]

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Koichi Yamamoto

Inspiration for my printmaking I find Yamamoto’s large abstract monochrome monoprint landscapes extremely evocative. Inspired by a Zen minimalist aesthetic, with a focus on tone and markmaking, they have a dreamy and ethereal feel – full of suggestion of light and dark, huge towering buildings or seething underlying masses in the deep. Yet cannot be […]

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‘Late’ Photography

!!To be updated from Landscape Photography In his 2003 essay, David Campany comments that: “One might easily surmise that photography has of late inherited a major role as undertaker, summariser or accountant. It turns up late, wanders through the places where things have happened totting up the effects of the world’s activity.” (‘Safety in Numbness: Some remarks […]

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Travel writing

Marco Polo robert byron road to oxiania nicolas bouvier Kapuściński Patrick Leigh Fermor Bruce Chatwin Paul Theroux Colin Thubron Italo Calvinho   Invisible Cities venice

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Jo Spence

Jo Spence (1934–92) had a highly politicised approach to photography, creating photographs that run counter to the idealised imagery offered by advertising. Spence often worked collaboratively and sought alternative distribution models, laminating work for durability and renting out her photography to conferences, libraries, universities and public spaces to broaden its audience. She also documented her own struggles […]

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John Thomson

!! to update and annotate as relevant to Kyrgyztsan. edited from Wikipedia article Google images John Thomson (14 June 1837 – 29 September 1921) was a pioneering Scottish photographer, geographer and traveller. He was an accomplished photographer in many areas: landscapes, portraiture, street-photography, architectural photography. He was one of the first photographers to travel to the Far East, documenting the […]

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Marjane Satrapi

Marjane Satrapi (Persian: مرجان ساتراپی‎) (born 22 November 1969) is an Iranian-born French graphic novelist, cartoonist, illustrator, film director, and children’s book author.

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Dan Eldon

I first came across Dan Eldon as part of my OCA Book Design course, and was struck by the impact of his combination of photographs, collage and text. Although some of the videos and media coverage of his work since his death in Somalia is somewhat idealised – and he is still an outsider, I […]

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Gerald Scarfe

To be developed using my notes and books from ‘Gerald Scarfe: Stage and Screen. House of Illustration exhibition February 2018.   Gerald Anthony Scarfe (b.1936) English caricaturist, illustrator for The New Yorker and editorial cartoonist for The Sunday Times. A former friend of the caricaturist Ralph Steadman, Scarfe was an early contributor to the scurrilous […]

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Lynd Ward

Trailer — “O Brother Man: The Art and Life of Lynd Ward” [wpdevart_youtube]DGfZi5JCI5g[/wpdevart_youtube] Gods’ men HD [wpdevart_youtube]gUIvyBr09aw[/wpdevart_youtube] The Biggest Bear [wpdevart_youtube]4NGreOnPNok[/wpdevart_youtube] Google images Lynd Kendall Ward (June 26, 1905 – June 28, 1985) was an American artist and storyteller, known for his series of wordless novels using wood engraving, and his illustrations for juvenile and adult […]