Category: Drawing

  • Charcoal Drawing

    I really like the dark moody tone of charcoal. In the past I have used a range of techniques. Using willow/vine, compressed and condensed charcoal on different types of paper. I do have to be careful though using charcoal as I have a lot of problems with the dust. One way of overcoming this is…

  • Pencil Drawing

    I really enjoy using pencil in different ways. Line and sketching I also collect all the sharpenings from graphite sticks in a small container to use as graphite powder for shading – taking care not to inhale this. Some earlier drawings using this technique Drawings for Hybrids. Inspiration for pencil technique I want to significantly improve…

  • Coloured pencils

    Google coloured pencil artists Water-soluble Polychromos

  • Urban sketching: approaches and materials

    Urban sketchers website Steps Materials Sketchbooks     Techniques Pen and ink Watercolour

  • Urban Sketching: pen and ink

    Styles Alphonso Dunn A very good series on the process of constructing a scene. First think about the type of line – drawing with arm, wrist or fingers. Framing and focus. Can see things in different ways. Importance of simplification.

  • Ink

    Sketching with different types of pen Drips Japanese styles Blobs and pools Alphonso Dunn Markers David Usher Alphonso Dunn Markers David Usher

  • Graphite, charcoal and pen

    Quick sketching Pencil tonal drawing Graphite sticks using shavings as powder for tone to contrast with the sharpened point. Charcoal

  • Scratchboard

    Manipulate Black and White reference image in photoshop Manipulate Black and White reference image in photoshop