2: Aldeburgh Great Escape, Suffolk

Aldeburgh is a busy but very small sea-side town on the Suffolk coast. In many ways it epitomises quintessential ‘Englishness’ with a mix of the ‘genteel’ and ‘cultured’ with more raucous upper class beer drinking, fish and chips by London escapees as well as day-tripping from nearby Suffolk villages, towns and cities like Ipswich and […]

1: Bridge Edgelands, Cambridge

The River Cam is just down the road from my house and an area where in normal times I walk nearly everyday for exercise. Part of my motivation to focus on the Bridge in Assignment 5 because it shows a body of work around peri-urban ‘sublime and grunge’ and concerns about poverty, alienation and pollution […]

Assignment 4.1 Communicating Kyrgyzstan: photographic creativity

Continues exploration of photographic styles, meaning and communication from Assignment 2.2, further developing my creative process workflow as it related to photographic media. Monochrome and photographic experiments with Lightroom, AnalogFX and Photoshop, with using creative prompts. Also draws on styles from printmaking like screenprint, cyanotype and solar plate. And asks for feedback from different audiences. […]

E2.1 Visual Dynamics 2: Lost in Blue

Use an image and a piece of text to create maximum information or detail. Next, strip back the design to maintain the same meaning or effect but with minimum visual content. Find a point between these two positions where there’s just enough information or detail. For this project I decided to explore one of Solnit’s […]