4.4: Journey to the Mountains of Heaven

Much more minimalist Abstract and austere black and white images without text. Inspired by Japanese aesthetic. Moriyama. Yamamoto. Starts with the words of the Kyrgyz National Anthem. Something about the silk road, COVID and political fragility. Abstract monoprint. Review of Original Blurb Text National Anthem. what font??? Image experimentation Black and white abstract monoprint. Charcoal? […]

Assignment 3 TeeTotal Street

This third assignment ‘TeeTotal Street’ produces a small graphic and text book based on a diary and photographs of a holiday flat where we stayed in St Ives in November 2019, just before the Brexit general election. It is a very personal response to my feelings of claustrophobia and helplessness at the time and doubts […]

3.2.1 Finding Texts: ‘Cornwall on a side saddle’

For my first text I selected Celia Feinnes 1685-1703 ‘Through England on a Side Saddle: To Lands End pp?? ‘. About the Text Celia Fiennes (7 June 1662 – 10 April 1741) was born in Wiltshire, the daughter of Nathaniel Fiennes, a politician who had been a a Parliamentarian colonel in the English Civil War and the second son of William Fiennes, […]