1: Voice posts 4.1 Photographic creativity 4.2 Light and Shadow 4: Audience: Kyrgyzstan posts 5.2.1 Bridge Edgelands posts 5.2.2 Aldeburgh Great Escape 5: Presentation: Zemni 2021 posts Assignment 3: Teetotal Street Key inspiration

Abstract Photography

Ernst Haas high contrast and use of motion blur through slow shutter speeds leads to abstraction of movement. Uta Barth Glenys Garnett Abstract Photography presentation at Cambridge Camera Club 2021. Look at You Tube

1: Voice posts 3.1 Visual dynamics: Lost on the Way to Zennor 3: Text and Image: Woman Lost posts Feminist Gaze? In Process

Huguette Caland

‘l love every minute of my life… I squeeze it like an orange and eat the peel, because I don’t want to miss a thing.’ Huguette Caland (January 1931 – 23 September 2019) was a Lebanese painter, sculptor and fashion designer known for her bright abstract paintings, erotic line drawings, and her Middle Eastern-inspired fashion designs.  I came […]

3: Text and Image: Woman Lost posts Assignment 3: Teetotal Street In Process

Aaron Siskind

google images Aaron Siskind (1903 – 1991) was an American photographer. Siskind’s work focuses on the details of things, presented as flat surfaces to create a new image independent of the original subject. He was closely involved with, if not a part of, the abstract expressionist movement.