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Ronald Searle

website: Searle had one of the longest, most productive and wide ranging career of any 20th century caricaturist, working in book and magazine illustration, travel reportage, war reporting, political caricature, theatre, film and medal design. His methods range from simple exaggeration of facial features, costumes and fashion fads; clever juxtapositions and contrasts of body types; […]

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David Shrigley Examples of his cartoon animations Talking about his work Guardian article

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Gerald Scarfe

To be developed using my notes and books from ‘Gerald Scarfe: Stage and Screen. House of Illustration exhibition February 2018.   Gerald Anthony Scarfe (b.1936) English caricaturist, illustrator for The New Yorker and editorial cartoonist for The Sunday Times. A former friend of the caricaturist Ralph Steadman, Scarfe was an early contributor to the scurrilous […]

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Ralph Steadman

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William Hogarth

Research Point Project 3.1 The 1751 satirical engravings of Beer Street and Gin Lane were part of a campaign to curb gin drinking among the poor in London. Research Point Questions How has Hogarth has used denotation and connotation? What has he shown literally through denotation to support his anti-gin/pro-beer argument and what is implied through connotation? […]

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MediBang Paint

I have not explored this much yet, but was potentional software for ‘Girl Meets Boy’. For more info, click here. Updates and news are also posted on Twitter and Facebook. MediBang Paint is a FREE lightweight digital painting and comic creation program. It has: numerous brushes: Airbrush, Pencil, Watercolor, G Pen, Mapping […]