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Charcoal Drawing

I really like the dark moody tone of charcoal. In the past I have used a range of techniques. Using willow/vine, compressed and condensed charcoal on different types of paper. I do have to be careful though using charcoal as I have a lot of problems with the dust. One way of overcoming this is […]

3: Text and Image: Woman Lost posts In Process

Glue Drawings

I had often earlier used PVA glue with ink because I like the random ways in which it mixes to create interesting textures for landscapes and abstracts. Some drawings from my earlier OCA courses are given below. While doing the Invisible Cities Assignment I discovered glue drawings as I was looking for something ‘sticky’ for […]

3: Text and Image: Woman Lost posts Inspiration

Catherine Anyango

website Catherine Anyango uses film, sculpture and mise-en-scene devices to reconstruct physical environments that are disrupted by psychological, intangible phenomena. Many of her images are powerful graphite black and white drawings, often dealing with political issues. Heart of Darkness 2010, a graphic novel adaptation of Conrad’s novel about colonialism She has produced live film events around […]