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  • Dan Eldon

    I first came across Dan Eldon as part of my OCA Book Design course, and was struck by the impact of his combination of photographs, collage and text. Although some of the videos and media coverage of his work since his death in Somalia is somewhat idealised – and he is still an outsider, I…

  • Terry Gilliam


  • Tom Burns

    Source: website http://www.tomburns.co.uk (but this does not have the work I like). Between Clarke and Hilldale Tom Burns is a London based Illustrator. His work combines digital techniques with collage and the use of more traditional screen-printing processes. He has worked for a range of international clients in advertising, publishing, editorial and design. His clients include The Folio…

  • Martin O’Neill

    Sources: Cut it Out Martin O’Neill is a British illustrator and collage artist. His enigmatic textured images combine collage, silkscreen, photography, paint, and digital techniques. He works from a vast archive of found and self generated material and also works with stock and supplied imagery. My favourite images – for their mysterious ambiguity:

  • Geoff Grandfield

    Sources: Website http://geoffgrandfield.co.uk . (see particularly Narrative) Caustic Cover Critic Interview Geoff Grandfield is a British illustrator now living in London. He has worked with major newspapers and publishers since 1987. Influenced by the cinematography of film noir and the reductivism of modernist graphic art, his work is characterised by carefully composed minimalist silhouettes and limited palette, exaggerated…