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Chris Ware

Chris Ware has been an important influence on the way I look at issues of image, text and narrative, and the possibilities of non-linear approaches. Edited from Wikipedia Franklin Christenson “Chris” Ware (born December 28, 1967), is an American cartoonist. His works explore themes of social isolation, emotional torment and depression. He tends to use a […]

3: Text and Image: Woman Lost posts In Process

Matt Madden: Exercises in Style

99 Ways to Tell a Story: Exercises in Style (2005) is a “seriously playful exploration of the possibilities and potential of comics and storytelling”. The book is based on a simple one-page anecdote which is re-drawn and re-old 99 times in different genres and drawing styles, in the form of homages and parodies, and in formal experiments […]

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MediBang Paint

I have not explored this much yet, but was potentional software for ‘Girl Meets Boy’. For more info, click here. Updates and news are also posted on Twitter and Facebook. MediBang Paint is a FREE lightweight digital painting and comic creation program. It has: numerous brushes: Airbrush, Pencil, Watercolor, G Pen, Mapping […]