3: Text and Image: Woman Lost posts Inspiration

Catherine Anyango

website Catherine Anyango uses film, sculpture and mise-en-scene devices to reconstruct physical environments that are disrupted by psychological, intangible phenomena. Many of her images are powerful graphite black and white drawings, often dealing with political issues. Heart of Darkness 2010, a graphic novel adaptation of Conrad’s novel about colonialism She has produced live film events around […]

2: Landscapes of Place posts Photography Technique

Lightroom Black and White

Black and White landscapes

2.1: Bridge 2: Landscapes of Place posts In Process


Brassaï (1899-1984) was a Hungarian-born French photographer who created countless iconic images of 1920s Parisian life. He moved to Paris in 1924, working as a journalist and joined a circle of Hungarian artists and writers. His seminal book Paris de Nuit (Paris by Night 1933) documented the nightlife of prostitutes, street cleaners, and other scenes in his neighborhood […]

5: Presentation: Zemni 2021 posts forthcoming In Process

Yang Yong Liang

Yang Yongliang is a Chinese contemporary artist. As a young student, he studied traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy before attending the Shanghai Art & Design Academy, where he specialized in decoration and design beginning in 1996. (Wikipedia) He produces very atmospheric animated digital paintings that overlay traditional Chines landscapes with modern day scenes. website:  This […]