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  • Martin O’Neill

    Sources: Cut it Out Martin O’Neill is a British illustrator and collage artist. His enigmatic textured images combine collage, silkscreen, photography, paint, and digital techniques. He works from a vast archive of found and self generated material and also works with stock and supplied imagery. My favourite images – for their mysterious ambiguity:

  • Female Gaze?

    “I have had to go to men as sources in my painting because the past has left us so small an inheritance of woman’s painting that had widened life….Before I put a brush to canvas I question, “Is this mine? Is it all intrinsically of myself? Is it influenced by some idea or some photograph of an…

  • Pixelmator

    Pixelmator combines photo editing and painting tools. It is most useful for enhancing or touching up  photography on the iPad, with rudimentary painting and basic text. It has: a range of brushes including double-texture brushes, watercolours, and pixel brush (Sketchclub pixel brush has more interesting settings), but only basic size and transparency settings. graphic design…