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It is now quite some time since I received or sent postcards – most things these days are done by Facebook posts. I looked for postcards in East Anglia seaside towns like Aldeburgh but most were art postcards, no photographs. Even in Cambridge it is difficult to get ‘straight’ postcards. Most are tinted or artist […]

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Colour Management

 Sources Cambridge in Colour: Colour Management and Printing series Underlying concepts and principles: Human Perception; Bit Depth; Basics of digital cameras: pixels Color Management from camera to display Part 1: Concept and Overview; Part 2: Color Spaces; Part 3: Color Space Conversion; Understanding Gamma Correction Bit Depth Every color pixel in a digital image is created through some combination […]

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Sequential illustration

Rough notes from course text Sequential illustration responds to narrative through a sequence of images, visualising it over time through cartoon strips and graphic novels, storyboards and animations. Although writing may exist within cartoons, the images are more dominant. Visually, sequential illustrations make use of the idea of the frame and camera lens and construct the story by […]

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Colour Theory to add

In visual perception a color is almost never seen as it really is – as it physically is. This fact makes color the most relative medium in art. Albers  Interaction of Color 1963 p1 Key colour issues in printmaking Tone is perceived first, then colours (yellow first), and then the image. This means that the […]