4: Audience: Kyrgyzstan posts In Process

Urban sketching: watercolour

  Teo Yi Chie based in Singapore Watercolour pencils

Z: This England

Urban sketching: approaches and materials

Urban sketchers website Steps Materials Sketchbooks     Techniques Pen and ink Watercolour

In Process Z: This England

Figure Sketching

Alphonso Dunn Basic drawing Gesture Blocking in Portrait Hands and Feet

In Process

Fashion Illustration Techniques: Zoe Hong

A very thorough set of courses on Fashion Illustration Using Croquis figures Drawing figures: shapes and proportions Drawing figures: fleshing it out Different approaches: men and women Female figures female Male figures Side figures: male Front view faces Different angles Multiple media Hair Hair: colour pencils Different styles Media Paints Fabric Clothes Wrap arounds Drapes […]