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    Sketching with different types of pen Drips Japanese styles Blobs and pools Alphonso Dunn Markers David Usher Alphonso Dunn Markers David Usher

  • Gouache and Watercolour

  • Graphite, charcoal and pen

    Quick sketching Pencil tonal drawing Graphite sticks using shavings as powder for tone to contrast with the sharpened point. Charcoal

  • Laura Grace Ford

    Ford 2018 quoted Wikipedia Laura Grace Ford. Savage Messiah 2011 pxvii  Iain Sinclair reviewing the Savage Messiah for The Guardian, quoted Wikipedia Laura Oldfield Ford (also known as Laura Grace Ford born 1973) is a British artist and author. Her work explores political themes and focuses on British urban areas. This draws on her experience of growing up in Halifax,…

  • Paper Cuts

  • Veronica Lawlor

    Veronica Lawlor is a freelance illustrator based in New York. Most of her work is urban sketching and reportage. Her illustrations often include a combination of buildings and landmarks, street furniture, figures, crowds, and transport and convey a sense of place. She is known for her ability to do many fast sketches as well as…

  • Evan Turk

    Evan Turk is an illustrator, animator, and designer working in New York City. He specializes in travel illustration, on-location event reportage, cultural children’s books, and concept illustration for video games, animation, and advertising. His illustration are very colourful and dramatic. Much of his work is in pastel on coloured paper. Other work is very experimental…

  • Saul Steinberg

    Saul Steinberg (June 15, 1914 – May 12, 1999) was a Romanian American cartoonist and illustrator. He described himself as “a writer who draws”. He works mostly in pen, often a single black line, to produce complex witty commentary on absurdities of life. In some of his illustrations he also incorporates black and white collaged elements and objects like thumbprints. He…

  • George Butler

    George Butler specialises in travel and current affairs, particularly about war and migration linked to activism. His drawings, done in situ are in pen, ink and watercolour. Important as much for what he leaves out and implies as what is actually shown.

  • Olivier Kugler

    Olivier Kugler produces graphic documentary with very detailed final drawing and text, often about war and migration. Process “He uses his ears and eyes – plus a camera, digital voice recorder, sketchbook, pencil, scanner and laptop – to document stories of exile, displacement and the complex reality of refugees’ lives“ “When he carries out interviews,…