Veronica Lawlor

Veronica Lawlor is a freelance illustrator based in New York. Most of her work is urban sketching and reportage. Her illustrations often include a combination of buildings and landmarks, street furniture, figures, crowds, and transport and convey a sense of place. She is known for her ability to do many fast sketches as well as drawing quickly for larger and more sustained drawings. She adapts the media she uses and aesthetic choices such as the use of colour and mark making, the selection of scene, content and focus, the illustrator to communicate a distinct personal interpretation of the event or scene. As Lawlor explains, “you’re touching the paper so your emotions come through the tactility.” (Brazell and Davies, 2014).

She creates artwork both directly on location, and also developed from sketches, collecting visual information, to capture fleeting moments in busy public events such as parades and festivals. Many of her illustrations give the impression of being drawn on location because of the fluidity of line, splashes of colour, sense of editing and compressing the content of a scene. But they were actually created within the more controlled environment of her studio.

Major works:

She is the president of Studio 1482. She also teaches drawing and illustration at Pratt Institute, Parsons, The New School for Design, and Dalvero Academy.



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