Category: Technique

  • Charcoal Drawing

    I really like the dark moody tone of charcoal. In the past I have used a range of techniques. Using willow/vine, compressed and condensed charcoal on different types of paper. I do have to be careful though using charcoal as I have a lot of problems with the dust. One way of overcoming this is…

  • Pencil Drawing

    I really enjoy using pencil in different ways. Line and sketching I also collect all the sharpenings from graphite sticks in a small container to use as graphite powder for shading – taking care not to inhale this. Some earlier drawings using this technique Drawings for Hybrids. Inspiration for pencil technique I want to significantly improve…

  • Glue Drawings

    I had often earlier used PVA glue with ink because I like the random ways in which it mixes to create interesting textures for landscapes and abstracts. Some drawings from my earlier OCA courses are given below. While doing the Invisible Cities Assignment I discovered glue drawings as I was looking for something ‘sticky’ for…

  • Gouache

    Combine watercolour and acrylic techniques. Work dark to light or other way round. Washes and detail. all about edges. Can work back in. use mediums and then wash out. Print with kitchen towel and other surfaces. Lift off and blot out. Sgraffito. texture and transfer effects.   See also post Jonathon Leyton Vera John laws Youtube…

  • Coloured pencils

    Google coloured pencil artists Water-soluble Polychromos

  • Coffee painting

  • Urban sketching: watercolour

      Teo Yi Chie based in Singapore Watercolour pencils

  • Urban sketching: approaches and materials

    Urban sketchers website Steps Materials Sketchbooks     Techniques Pen and ink Watercolour

  • Urban Sketching: pen and ink

    Styles Alphonso Dunn A very good series on the process of constructing a scene. First think about the type of line – drawing with arm, wrist or fingers. Framing and focus. Can see things in different ways. Importance of simplification.

  • Figure Sketching

    Alphonso Dunn Basic drawing Gesture Blocking in Portrait Hands and Feet