Category: Technique

  • Drawing Buildings

    Architectural illustration requires a high level of observation, analysis, and accuracy in your drawing. There are a number of ways you can achieve this, from using the principles of perspective to represent visual space, measuring proportions by eye using an outstretched arm and your pencil as a guide, or simply by taking your time to…

  • Ink

    Sketching with different types of pen Drips Japanese styles Blobs and pools Alphonso Dunn Markers David Usher Alphonso Dunn Markers David Usher

  • Gouache and Watercolour

  • Graphite, charcoal and pen

    Quick sketching Pencil tonal drawing Graphite sticks using shavings as powder for tone to contrast with the sharpened point. Charcoal

  • Paper Cuts

  • Procreate

    Procreate is probably the most used painting app – developed in 2013, with significant upgrade as Procreate 4 for iOS11 in late 2017. It is the programme I have used most throughout this course. Its key features include: fully customisable brushes with pressure and tilt sensitivity, including possibility to completely create one’s own brushes. Procreate…

  • Scratchboard

    Manipulate Black and White reference image in photoshop Manipulate Black and White reference image in photoshop

  • Photocollage

  • Photomontage

    History of photomontage : Laura Lopes Cezar (Spanish) Wikipedia Oliver Grau Virtual Art: From Illusion to Immersion Photomontage is the process and the result of making a composite photograph from one or more photographs through: multiple exposures in-camera or on film in the printing process cutting, gluing, rearranging and overlapping elements from one or more photographs…

  • iPad Explorations

    Introduction The first iPad was released on April 3, 2010. The drawing experience significantly improved particularly with the introduction of the iPad Pro, first released in November 2015 and Second Generation 2017, together with the Apple Pencil and improved camera. A further significant advance was made in autumn 2017 with introduction of iOS11 when iPad…