Drawing Buildings

Architectural illustration requires a high level of observation, analysis, and accuracy in your
drawing. There are a number of ways you can achieve this, from using the principles of
perspective to represent visual space, measuring proportions by eye using an outstretched arm
and your pencil as a guide, or simply by taking your time to observe and document what you
One of the best ways to understand how perspective works is through observational drawing,
so think about how the principles of perspective are working in your drawings. You can work by
hand or with the aid of a ruler if it helps. Identify your horizon line and vanishing points. Think
about how shadows might also be affected by the rules of perspective.
Like your previous reportage and sketchbook drawings the most important thing is to capture a
sense of place, so think about the physicality of buildings, their size, scale and weight. The use
of shadows is a good way of indicating this and helps to root a building to the ground.